New Australians enjoy best practice auditory learning

In the inner north of Melbourne exists a School devoted to the education of women who are refugees who are now new Australians.

Aged between 16 and 24, many learners have language challenges. Hear and Learn were approached about our Redcat technology which captures a teachers voice and broadcasts it evenly throughout learning spaces in a way that means all syllables and nuances of spoken words are delivered evenly to all listeners.

While many learners at this School have never received formal education before, Principal Lisa Wilson told us today that “The Redcat system bridges the gap that sometimes occurs with language challenges our students have. Our students are aged between 16-24, all female and a few are mothers. We trialed your tech for one week and it was a big hit!”

The School has now adopted our technology.

Pictured are Lisa Wilson (Principal), Hear and Learn’s Daniel Hughes and Susan Kent (Assistant Principal).