Swan Christian College and their experience with Redcat voice lift technology

The first stage of the roll out of Redcat voice lift technology at Swan Christian College in Perth has been completed.  A K-12 School, Swan Christian College was founded in 1983 and Principal Dr Darnell Pretorius was kind enough to offer her perspectives about the merits of capturing teacher voices, and using our soundfield technology to ensure access to all learners at all times.

Please take the time to view the video to learn:

  • Redcat and Flexmike assists educators with challenges associated with Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  • By delivering optimal speech intelligibility to all learners, teachers can be assured to they are being heard even if a teachers is working at a whiteboard with his/her back to the audience
  • Children have the freedom to work in any part of a learning space given their ability to receive and process instruction irrespective of where they are relative to the teacher

Thank you Dr Pretorius and the wider community at Swan Christian College.