Primary School construction shareholders adopt tech over and above minima

Improving auditory learning for all students was prioritised when planning started for the construction of a new building at an existing primary school.

A quality, dual hearing augmentation and sound field solution was adopted for 5 learning spaces.  Educators understood that sound field technology, which utilizes a teacher microphone and speakers to project and protect teachers’ and speakers’ voices, assist all students to hear verbal instruction. This can be of particular benefit to students with English as a second language, auditory processing disorders as well as those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The UConnect SoundHouse was chosen.  Featuring the teacher Flexmike, and Sharemike, a feature of Hear and Learn’s Uconnect family is that permanent cabling is installed between amplification systems and devoted on-wall interfaces for transmitters (to personal hearing devices or receivers) to be safely mounted and connected.

This means an agnostic and agile solution is created because when technology worn by learners, teachers and visitors who are hard of hearing evolves, a transmitter relevant to this new technology can be connected.  Switch out the old for the new at minimal cost.

The UConnect family of hearing augmentation solutions are not tied to any proprietary transmission system, and do not rely on Wi-Fi or infra-red transmission methods, nor is induction a sole transmission method.