Fluctuating listening challenges because of middle ear infection

While Australia leads the world in assisting young citizens with permanent hearing loss, there are many learners which suffer from middle ear infections.

Colloquially known as Glue Ear and Surfers Ear, and something we can all experience when suffering from illness, it is medically defined as Otitis Media.

Educators may find interesting the document prepared by the Menzies School of Health Research which talks about the issues associated with Otitis Media and especially its relevant to Indigenous learners.

Reference is made to voice amplification systems / technology which is sometimes known as soundfield, classroom sound enhancement technology or voice lift.

Improving speech intelligibility by teachers wearing a microphone and speakers distributing voices in a way that creates an adequate signal to noise ratio is proven to improve learning outcomes for all learners including those with fluctuating hearing loss and Otitis Media.

The Hear and Learn Flexmike teacher microphone and Redcat teacher voice amplifier involves simple install, the lightest and smallest microphone in the market, and full support.

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