Pick your own SoundHouse colour!

Hear and Learn is proud to have been part of a new construction in eastern Victoria.

St Gabriel’s Primary School in Traralgon has a new 6 space building featuring 4 Collaborative, 1 STEM and 1 Multipurpose learning spaces all fitted with bespoke UConnect Soundhouse in Dulux Kinetic Silver Pearl complete with in-ceiling speakers and soundfield technology.

Hear and Learn were asked to have SoundHouses – with agnostic and agile hearing augmentation and full voice and screen audio capture and distribution – constructed to compliment the aesthetic of the new build.

While we would have loved SoundHouses in Collingwood colours, we think they look great.

St Gabriels’ School leadership respect the science of optimising listening conditions and wanted technology that involved the smallest and lightest teacher microphones in the market!

The UConnect solutions allow for any type of transmitter to hearing aids – now and in the future – so as to future proof learning spaces.