Hear and Learn’s PowerPlate adopted in California Gully


Soundfield – or the concept of a teacher’s voice being spread evenly throughout a learning space using microphones and speaker(s) – is a well established concept in improving the auditory learning outcomes for all learners.

Lightspeed US is the manufacturer of the Redcat portable soundfield device.  Featuring the smallest and lightest teacher microphone, having no on-floor footprint and with best-of-breed speech intelligibility optimising speaker technology, the Redcat is the industry leader.

Soundfield is discussed in regulations managed by State Governments and Diocese’ around Australia and Hear and Learn builds bespoke solutions to compliment these regulations including the UConnect Mini, UConnect SoundHouse and now the UConnect PowerPlate.

The UConnect PowerPlate allows for the safe wall mounting of our Redcat device.  Made from steel and powder coated in white, the PowerPlate means cabling is out of reach by Learners, no ligature risk and user-friendly labelling.

The PowerPlate is being installed at California Gully Primary School.  Given it opened in 1883, and the PowerPlate is the latest Hear and Learn innovation, we are proud the new is blending the old.