Changes to what assistive listening tech is supplied to Secondary aged Learners

Australia leads the world in how Learners are assisted when they are diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss.

They are supplied with personal assistive listening devices which include a hearing aid, and tiny receivers built into them which received transmissions of audio which can included Public Performance Audio, Screen Audio, front office messaging and voices.

The evolution of this technology means that while there was a universal platform which all receivers used to receive this audio, there is not a universal platform now.

The Federal Government’s hearing agency Hearing Australia has changed its procurement policies and now Secondary School age children will receive a new type of receiver if diagnosed with a hearing impairment.

This means that now and into the future, there will be different tech worn by different children especially given advice we procure from Audiology experts indicating that there will be major changes into the future.

That’s why Hear and Learn Hearing Augmentation Solutions are built on the All Ears Platform.