How are UConnect hearing augmentation systems ‘compatible’ with aids worn by learners, teachers and visitors?

Over the years, the Federal Government has supplied aids with tiny receivers built into them to Australian Learners. Different procurement contracts have always existed meaning that there are different aids of different brands using different way to get audio from an amplified source to a receiver. There is no universal platform.

This is why the backbone of UConnect hearing augmentation solutions – including the UConnect Mini and the UConnect SoundHouse – is making sure our infrastructure can ‘talk’ to, ‘stream’ to, or be ‘compatible’ with any type of aid now and into the future.

Learners can walk into a space with their own transmitter, plug their own transmitters into our UConnect devices and boom; augmentation achieved.

Different manufacturers make different transmitters using different technologies; we don’t control that.

But what we can control is supplying and supporting Hearing Augmentation solutions that are agile and offer future proofing.