Why don’t we just install hearing augmentation solutions that are ‘deemed to satisfy’? Why adopt a Performance Based Solution?

The winds of change are blowing hard in the world or hearing aid technology.

So fluid is this science is that we are flat out offering advice to Architects, Electrical Consultants about the blend of regulation that exists today which require Performance Based Solutions to be adopted.

One example of this regulation is the new May 2023 Victorian School Building Authority’s Building Quality Standards Handbook which states:

“Students are provided with their own listening systems by Hearing Australia’s paediatric program, and do not need additional neck loops given system performance criteria; the NCC D4D8 does not recognise that most young people/students’ personal receiver devices do not have telecoil activated, as required for induction systems; nor does the NCC recognise the importance of transmitting a teacher’s voice, i.e. via sound field systems, which has benefits not only for hard of hearing students but those with auditory or undiagnosed hearing needs, and students with special needs”

Hear Hear!