UConnect SoundHouse examined and successfully tested by Visiting / Itinerant Teacher for compatibility with Government-supplied hearing aid receivers

Newstead Primary School has a new building!  And SoundHouses were selected by the electrical consultant to be the audio back bone for each space.

The SoundHouse is a bespoke Australian made in wall interface made from powder coated steel which contains:

  • All electricals pre built in which means all that is required is connection of power to internal GPO’s
  • The Hear and Learn 975 to which sources of classroom audio – including screens and voices – are cable connected so that this audio is distributed by speakers systems across any learning space so that volumes uniform anywhere in the space
  • Bespoke electronics to transform this audio and PA – or inbuilt amplified audio – to be ready for connection to transmitters to any and all receivers built into current or future government-supplied hearing aids

As part of the HearAssist customer-care package, we conducted testing and training with the region’s Visiting Teacher of the Deaf being in attendance.  We talk about many things including the blend of regulation relevant to new builds that require a fresh approach.

One example of this is the VSBA rules in the Building Quality Standards Handbook which requires that all audio be connected to transmitters to aid so that should aids evolve further – which they will – economically priced transmitters can be flipped in for older defunct transmitters.  This means the SoundHouse offers an agile solution which future proofs learning spaces.

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