Advancing auditory accessibility: Hear and Learn’s hearing augmentation system at Hume Anglican Grammar

Hear and Learn is proud to announce the successful installation of a state-of-the-art hearing augmentation system at Hume Anglican Grammar School. This significant advancement is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting inclusive education through the latest hearing technology.

Hearing augmentation, crucial for students with hearing impairments, involves capturing audio and transmitting it directly to hearing aids equipped with receivers. Our installation at Hume Anglican Grammar includes the innovative UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini systems, designed to ensure that every student experiences clear and equal auditory information, regardless of their hearing aid type or brand.

In line with Australian regulations, including the Building and Construction Code, it’s essential for educational institutions to incorporate hearing augmentation in learning spaces. Our UConnect range, featuring agile plug-and-play solutions, seamlessly integrates into any learning environment. The UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini are not just tools for improved hearing they represent a leap forward in creating equitable learning conditions for all students.

The unique challenge in today’s diverse educational landscape is the variety of hearing aids and inbuilt receivers used by learners, teachers, and visitors. Traditional hearing solutions fall short in addressing this diversity. Our UConnect range, however, offers bespoke in-wall interfaces that connect to all audio sources within a learning space – from office messaging and public address systems to screen audio and direct voice transmissions. This ensures a uniform auditory experience for all users.

Each UConnect system, be it the SoundHouse or the Mini, arrives fully equipped with built-in electricals and electronics, rigorously tested for quality and reliability. Our gallery below showcases the installation process and the immediate impact of these systems at Hume Anglican Grammar.

At Hear and Learn, we believe in creating environments where every learner has an equal opportunity to thrive. Contact us to learn more about our hearing augmentation systems and how they can bring clarity and equality to your school’s auditory environment.”