A Gippsland school’s learning revolution with Hear and Learn’s Soundfield system, installed in 24 hours

At Hear and Learn, we believe in creating an equitable learning environment for all students. This commitment was put into action recently when our team led by Daniel Hughes, achieved a remarkable feat in less than 24 hours. Responding promptly to a request we delivered and installed our state-of-the-art Redcat soundfield systems in a school in Drouin, Gippsland showcasing our dedication and efficiency.

The core of our soundfield system lies in the Flexmike teacher microphone and our sophisticated in-room amplification system. Together, they form an auditory solution that ensures every student in the classroom has equal access to the teacher’s voice. This system addresses the common issue of auditory learning barriers, providing a consistent and clear sound across the classroom.

The video below captures the joy and satisfaction of Daniel Hughes during the installation process, reflecting our passion for enhancing educational experiences. Our range of solutions specifically designed to capture and evenly distribute the sounds of teaching, is the widest in the industry. This soundfield system installation is just one example of how quickly and effectively we can transform a learning space.

Soundfield systems, recognised globally as an essential classroom tool and offer immediate benefits for auditory learning. They are not just about amplifying sound; they are about reshaping the learning environment to be more inclusive and effective for every student.

If you’re looking to tailor your classroom’s auditory experience to meet specific needs, Hear and Learn is here to help. We offer customised solutions to fit various learning environments. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff for a consultation. Let us help you enhance your classroom’s learning experience with our innovative soundfield systems.

Contact us today for a soundfield solution that brings clarity and equality to your classroom’s auditory environment.