Ensuring compliance with the National Construction Code: The importance of performance-based hearing augmentation solutions in building and construction

Hear and learn regularly procures advice from our Access Consultant and Audiologist to be at the forefront of creating and supplying the best of breed cross brand compatible hearing augmentation solutions for Schools and other spaces.

One key point of this advice is that aids worn by hard of hearing Australians – including learners attending any primary or secondary school – is that it is now infrequent that they have the functionality to receive induction based transmissions.

Based on research in 2020, less than 25% of people with hearing impairment are aware whether their hearing aids have a telecoil or not. As the availability of devices that use induction loops or personal neck loop receivers, which rely on telecoil hearing augmentation technology, is decreasing, this technology will only work for a limited number of hearing aids being used in Australia. It is rare for Australian learners to wear aids with any ability to receive induction signals via TSwitch technology.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, opt for Hear and Learn UConnect solutions that offer cross-brand compatibility and agility. With UConnect solutions by Hear and Learn (including the UConnect Mini and UConnect SoundHouse – you can be sure that all audio will reach every ear, every time.

To achieve a truly inclusive environment in schools for learners, teachers, and visitors alike, it’s essential to adopt a performance-based approach in line with the Building and Construction Code Hearing Augmentation requirements. This strategy ensures that architects, electrical consultants, builders, and educators are fully compliant with the National Construction Code, fostering accessibility and inclusivity through effective hearing augmentation solutions.

Hence the Hear and Learn mantra; All audio to all Ears. Always.

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