Revolutionising auditory learning with Redcat soundfield devices in remote Tasmanian school

A leap in learning: Queenstown’s journey with Redcat soundfield devices

In the remote landscape of Queenstown, Tasmania, a revolution in auditory learning is unfolding at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Nestled near the rugged West Coast, Queenstown is a town of unique characteristics, not least for its Australian Rules football field covered in gravel instead of grass. Yet, it’s within the walls of St Joseph’s where innovation truly shines through the adoption of Redcat soundfield devices, aimed at enhancing learning outcomes for every student.

The school recently equipped an additional six rooms with these state-of-the-art soundfield systems, featuring the Flexmike with Point-to-Pair technology. This advancement enables teachers to seamlessly transition between classrooms and collaborate effectively, thanks to the ease of pairing the Flexmike to other Redcat devices. Principal Teresa McLeod shared her enthusiasm with Daniel Hughes from Hear and Learn, highlighting how “the new generation Redcat allows our teachers to migrate between rooms and work with another teacher as a team. ” The Flexmike’s user-friendly design fosters a sense of ownership among educators, as they can utilise their personal teaching microphones across different learning environments.

This initiative by St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School showcases the potential of auditory technology in remote education settings. By leveraging Redcat soundfield devices, the school is setting a benchmark for auditory learning, ensuring every student receives consistent, quality instruction regardless of their classroom’s location. With such innovations, St Joseph’s is not just embracing technology; it’s paving the way for a brighter educational future for its students.

Thanks to Teresa McLeod’s leadership and the spirit of the Queenstown Crows, St Joseph’s is a beacon of educational excellence in Tasmania, demonstrating the profound impact of Redcat soundfield devices on teaching and learning.

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