Hear and Learn’s VSBA bundle 1: Boosting auditory learning in Victorian schools

In an era where hearing augmentation science swiftly evolves, embracing flexible and compliant solutions is paramount for accommodating the diverse assistive listening devices used by Australian learners. Hear and Learn stands at the forefront of this evolution, especially with the continued implementation of the VSBA Bundle 1 in Victorian schools. Our solutions align with the VSBA’s Building Quality Standards Handbook which require agile hearing augmentation systems that can seamlessly integrate into modern educational spaces.

The VSBA’s awareness of evolving assistive hearing technologies underscores the need for education spaces to be equipped with systems that are adaptable to future changes. By stipulating the installation of permanent cabling and dedicated on-wall interfaces for transmitter connection, the VSBA ensures that these systems not only meet today’s requirements but are also prepared for tomorrow’s innovations. This approach minimises risks and enhances safety, providing a secure learning environment for all students.

Revolutionising auditory learning with Hear and Learn’s VSBA bundle 1

Her and Learn’s bespoke VSBA Bundle 1 solution embodies this philosophy, offering a comprehensive hearing augmentation system tailored for general learning areas (GLAs) or standard learning spaces. The bundle includes the innovative PowerPlate solution, ensuring safe and efficient power management and integration of the portable Redcat soundfield solution. This system ensures that all learners receive quality auditory instruction, regardless of the assistive listening devices they use.

Daniel Hughes from Hear and Learn has successfully coordinated the installation of this cutting-edge solution in a new build at a Victorian secondary school, outfitting six rooms with this best-of-breed hearing augmentation system. This marks a significant step towards creating more inclusive, accessible, and safe auditory learning environments in Victorian schools.

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