Trade school adopts best-of-breed Soundfield listening tech

At Hear and Learn, we are dedicated to creating inclusive and effective learning environments. Our latest project at the newly built Goulburn Murray Trade Skills Centre in Shepparton is a testament to this commitment. Electrical consultants Meinhardt specified the Hear and Learn UConnect Soundhouse with Soundfield amplification system for 12 rooms, ensuring every student experiences auditory equality.

Working in collaboration with Gray Puksand Architects and Watters Electrical, we successfully completed the installations swiftly, overcoming initial construction delays. The integration of the Soundfield sound systems into the Goulburn Murray Trade Skills Centre marks a significant step towards enhancing educational experiences.

Installer Luke Baldachinno praised the ease of the installation process, stating, “The UConnect Soundhouse is an easy install, with terrific instructions.” This seamless installation process ensures that educational institutions can quickly benefit from our advanced Soundfield amplification system.

The client’s satisfaction was evident during the demonstration conducted by Daniel Hughes. The demonstration highlighted the importance of maintaining a steady signal-to-noise ratio in learning spaces. This is crucial for creating an inclusive environment where whole group instruction can thrive and teacher voice welfare is preserved.

Revolutionising education with Soundfield sound systems

Soundfield sound systems distribute the teacher’s voice evenly throughout the classroom, ensuring that all students, regardless of their seating position, can hear clearly. This not only aids in better comprehension and engagement but also reduces vocal strain on teachers, promoting their long-term vocal health.

At Hear and Learn, we believe in the power of technology to transform education. Our Soundfield amplification system is designed to meet the unique needs of modern classrooms, providing a reliable solution for enhancing auditory clarity and inclusivity.

For more information or to discuss a customised solution tailored to your classroom needs, contact Hear and Learn for a quote. Speak directly with our staff to explore how our Soundfield sound systems can benefit your educational environment.