The importance of classroom audio systems being safe and secure

Regulations relevant to constructing schools – including those about hearing augmentation – highlight the need to have no unsecured power and audio cables for on-wall hearing augmentation interfaces. Further, it is crucial to mitigate any trip or ligature risks associated with teacher microphone systems.  It’s essential for education architects and electrical consultants to embrace solutions that prioritise these safety concerns.

Hear and Learn’s UConnect systems are meticulously engineered to align with these safety regulations, providing secure and efficient solutions for educational settings. A notable decision by an educational facility in far north Queensland to adopt our technology was significantly influenced by these safety considerations. In environments where learners have unique challenges, maintaining a secure and conducive learning space is paramount.

Embracing secure auditory learning solutions

Our SoundHouse system exemplifies this commitment to safety. With all cabling and connections securely housed within its steel and lockable cabinet and teacher and student microphones safely stored and charged inside, the SoundHouse ensures that technology enhances the learning experience without compromising safety.

Moreover, the concern for teacher safety, particularly in preventing the misuse of technology as a potential threat, is addressed by securing appliances out of reach. This approach resonates with the findings of the recent Australian Senate Education and Employment References Committee report on classroom disruption, underlining the importance of secure educational technology.

For educational facilities seeking to enhance auditory learning while upholding the highest standards of safety and security, Hear and Learn’s teacher microphone systems in Australia offer an optimal solution. Contact us for a tailored quote and embark on a journey towards safer, more secure and effective learning environments.