Introducing Hear and Learn’s eco waste program for sustainable classroom technology

The wear and tear inflicted on in-classroom electronics is a major reason why devices fail over time. This is especially true for teacher microphone devices. Often referred to as soundfield, classroom sound enhancement, or voice lift technology, Hear and Learn’s Redcat technology can fall victim to this wear and tear, as can other brands including Phonak Digimaster and Front Row Juno.

In response, Hear and Learn has launched an innovative Eco Waste trade-in program. This program not only reinvents soundfield technology with the new Flexmike with point-to-pair but also offers a trade-in rebate for older technology. The new Redcat can replace older systems without an on-floor footprint and features the smallest and lightest teacher microphone available.

Eco waste program launched: Upgrade your classroom soundfield systems

Our trade-in program is available for any brand and type of soundfield system. When a school invests in new Redcats, we supply and support the installation, and provide packaging for schools to bundle any type of teacher microphone and speaker technology for recycling by our eco-waste partner. Schools receive a certificate evidencing the responsible disposal of old technology.

Additionally, should a school have functional in-ceiling speakers but redundant or dysfunctional microphones, we can supply our 975 and Access Link devices to resurrect classroom soundfield technology.

Many schools have already opted into this program, driven by the desire to reduce landfill and choose the best-in-class teacher microphones and speaker systems. This benefits all learners, including those with otitis media, conductive hearing loss, and central auditory processing disorders. Redcats also enable teachers to build better relationships by allowing them to teach using a conversational voice.

Contact Hear and Learn to get bespoke advice and join our Eco Waste Program today. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for classroom technology.