Manchester Primary School Melbourne

February 24, 2020

Manchester Primary is a State Primary School in leafy Mooroolbark. Manchester offers students a caring and nurturing learning environment with dedicated and experienced teachers providing a positive and enriching program, appreciating the individual needs and interests of each child. But there WAS a problem; their learning spaces are reported to Hear and Learn as being too large and reverberant or as they described “echoey”.

Hear and Learn equipment helped. Here is how the School reported to us the impact:

“The teachers first response was that they could hear themselves. This was the motivation to keep using them. And, that they could speak in a normal talking voice rather than to raising their voice. Student response to instructions became effortless. For example, the teacher spent less time going over instructions with the whole group and individuals. The class of students appear to settle faster and respond to questions promptly. Even the students that find it hard to settle quieten down quickly when the teachers are using the device.”

“We have students from EAL, hearing impairment, ASD and trauma backgrounds in every classroom, the technology supports their ability to participate in regular classroom instruction. ”
“They notice that teaching becomes easier as student behaviour improves, they don’t have to strain their voices to be heard and classes run more efficiently due to student response to instruction being immediate.”

“We had a theatre performance visit our school in the echoey sports hall. Kids were wriggling and talking over them. We gave the performers the device to use and the effects were immediate, kids settled and participation was perfect. The stress level in the hall reduced and we had NO behaviour issues! Which we though was pretty good when expecting 80 kids to sit still for an hour.”