My way or the highway? Is there only one way on getting a signal from a mike to a receiver? Which one is best?

We can all agree that, especially in education settings, we want a teacher worn microphone not to have an cables hanging off it, no belt packs, and be light and easy to use.

And we want a microphone to ‘talk’ to the device that broadcasts the teacher voice without any risk of it dropping out or jamming with other devices.

Hear and Learn now uses the Access branded transmission system which is a radio frequency technology which is spread spectrum, frequency hopping technology that is constantly looking for clear transmission.

This is in contrast to using Infra Red light. Light can be blocked and cannot handle the functionality of our Access Technology including our Activate technology at

Sometimes we learn that it is thought that if you put a lot of DECT devices in the one physical space, it won’t work. That Infra Red is better in this setting.

In the context of how we build our tech, and the physicality of school design, this is not true.

Learn more about Access here

DECT standards in Australia actually can allow 16+ fully configured Lightspeed systems within a 30m radius. That is without walls. With walls/floors/ceilings the maximum # of systems would effectively double.

We have numerous examples of fully configured systems in open concept schools with over 100 classrooms that have experienced no issues.