Differentiated Learning

Hear and Learn systems give all children an opportunity to activate their learning

Opportunity to engage the whole class. All students must have equal access to the teacher’s direct instruction so they can hear, understand and gain insight that leads to higher learning.

Activate group learning. Teachers must be able to listen to student discussions in today’s active classrooms. With real-time feedback into the learning process, teachers gain essential classroom feedback needed to activate learning.

Collaborate and share ideas. Teachers need to review their own instruction along with critical student learning moments for self-reflection and collaboration with peers and coaches. Insights shared among educators elevate everyone’s skills.

In the town of Lakes Entrance is St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School which “aims to teach every child at their point of need and to give them the individual care and attention they need to be successful and flourish in life.” Part of this has been the adoption of Hear and Learn’s Activate technology.

Teacher Kirsten Daly offered this feedback to Hear and Learn’s Daniel Hughes:

“Thanks for coming up and helping us sort out the system. It has been working really well. Your visit was fantastic showing us how to use the pods and to learn how to use them in a more productive way. We have been able to have small groups out of the room, listening to them and also knowing when they need help. It only took the kids a short time to teach when to press the (call) button. The sound projection in the both rooms is fantastic, they can all hear us and we notice we are only using a soft voice” states Ms Daly.

Further “The year 2 teachers needed a little help with the microphones” … “but I worked it out for them (thanks to your explanations of the system).
Thanks again.”

Benefits of an activated learning environment

As new instructional methods change the ways students use the classroom, audio systems need the flexibility to interact with the entire class, small groups, individuals, and even students in the hallway. Access Technology allows schools to start with whole group instruction with a classroom audio system, then easily add Activate Pods for small group learning.

Capturing critical learning and teaching moments

The Activate App also records video synched with high-quality audio of the teacher microphones and student pods. Teachers can capture critical teaching and learning moments to:
• Reflect on their own instruction
• Record evidence of high-quality student learning
• Share with others for feedback and coaching
• Exchange teaching ideas with peers.

Instructional audio and video that reveal insights to learning

Whole-class audio systems improve speech intelligibility and provide even distribution of sound so students hear, understand and gain insights into the instruction.


A full instructional audio and video platform that includes whole-room audio with a teacher microphone, 2-way audio pods for small groups and a mobile app for control and audio/video capture to reflect and collaborate.

Activate pods

Activate Pods

2-way audio pods enable the teacher to listen to student groups.

Activate Station

Charges and connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth for control and audio streaming.

Activate App

Control, connect and capture student groups and the whole class

Key Activate System Features

  • Classroom audio for whole room instruction
  •  Connect up to 12 pods for small groups
  •  2-way audio between teachers and students
  • 2 Bluetooth channels for team-teaching
  • Wireless audio integration
  • Video and audio recording of teacher
  • Microphone and student pods
  • In-app photo capture
  • Access technology + Bluetooth interface
  • Whisper coaching for live observations.

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Why Educators use our Activate technology

“My assumptions about how my students interact in groups have been challenged. I’ve been surprised to hear quieter students taking a leading role in discussions. Students who didn’t have a ‘voice’ in the classroom previously are now heard.” Primary Teacher, Australia

“The system has contributed to a more focused learning atmosphere, especially during whole group activities. The kids love using the pods to ask questions and make contributions.” Primary Teacher, Australia

“The Activate system impacts the way a teacher can deliver instruction as it allows for personalised and explicit instruction. Only needing to repeat information to a group of students allows those students who were on track to remain on track without the distraction of needing to stop everyone so that I can clarify my instructions to those needing extra support.” Primary Teacher, Australia

“Using the Activate system makes it easier for teachers to listen to and observe how students are interpreting the information given to them. For me, this identified that some students were not fully comprehending my instructions. I was able to pick up on this by listening to the conversations that some groups and individuals were having. This enabled me to alter the way I was giving instructions and to identify how to differentiate instructions in my classroom.” Primary Teacher, Australia

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