Sale Diocese leads in adopting Hear and Learn’s ‘All Ears’ ethos

The leadership at St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School in Traralgon, Victoria drove the completion of a construction project where compliance with the blend of regulation and policies was prioritized.

Conscious of its own ethos to foster and develop learning to adapt to a dramatically changing society, School Leaders adopted Hear and Learn solutions to not only comply with the Building and Construction Code and Disability Legislation, but to ensure optimal auditory learning for all Students.

Hear and Learn’s SoundHouse – one solution in its UConnect family of products – means all instructional audio – as defined in Australian Standard 1428.5 – 2021 is made available for transmission to any receivers built into any hearing aids supplied by Hearing Australia or those procured privately.  This process is called hearing augmentation and must involve solutions that are agnostic and agile given the rapidly changing landscape of hearing impairment technology.

A new wing consisting of 5 new learning spaces feature discreet in ceiling speakers which distribute screen audio, and Teacher and Student voices by using Hear and Learn’s Flexmike and Sharemike which are the smallest and lightest in the industry.  This means speech intelligibility is the same for all learners irrespective of where they are in a learning space, teachers avoid voice fatigue and the unique needs of learners are aided.

The Hear and Learn SoundHouse was supplied in a bespoke silver colour to match the aesthetic features of the new building.

Further, a refurbishment of learning spaces at St Mary’s Bairnsdale involved the School’s continued commitment to best practice auditory learning for all learners.  Hear and Learn’s all in one in-ceiling Topcat soundfield system was embraced to compliment our soundfield solutions in other rooms.

The Topcat is ideal for learning spaces with tiled ceilings as it slots straight into the grid and only needs connection to power.  Screen audio is wirelessly transmitted to the Topcat via our Media Connector, and teacher and student voices are also distributed via the Topcat.

The Topcat has a bass speaker built in with the unique Exciter voice speaker technology to create a calm and clear listening experience for all learners.