What is Central Auditory Processing Disorder and how can teacher voice amplification systems help?

Beyond the complexities of optimising auditory learning attached to larger and more agile learning spaces, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australian learners, permanent and fluctuating hearing loss and teacher voice strain, there is the issue of learners being challenged by Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).

Sometimes known as Auditory Process Disorder, CAPD means learners incorrectly process auditory stimuli because it is complex for them to detect small differences in sounds in spoken words.  This translates to listening being difficult for learners with CAPD.

It is reported this condition, which in simple terms causes the hearing and listening process to falter, in suffered by 1 in 20 learners.

It is also reported that technology involving a teacher microphone and voice amplifier – which can be known as soundfield, or classroom sound enhancement or Voice Lift – improves signal-to-noise ratio which equates to tangible assistance for children with CAPD.

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Hear and Learn is at the forefront of soundfield technology with the lightest teacher microphone (The Flexmike) which features personal microphones that can be used in different rooms with compatible Redcat soundfield amplifiers.