Teacher Voice Loss and how soundfield can help

Teacher voice loss or strain is a very real issue.  Can you think of Australian employees other than Teachers being required to speak to groups of people for hours in a day without the use of microphones or amplifiers and speakers?

As you can read in the document linked in the “Read more” button bellow:

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  • One in Five teachers suffer voice problems
  • Teachers or 3 to 5 times more likely to suffer voice problems than other workers
  • 20% of leave taken by Teachers for illness can be attributed to vocal fatigue
  • If Teachers stay at work while voice injured, they don’t perform as well and this translates to reduced job satisfaction, problems in their private life and a lower ability to discipline learners.

Interestingly, the use of teacher microphones and amplifiers – technology known as Voice Lift, soundfield and classroom sound enhancement technology – is recognised as a good strategy to avoid teacher voice loss and improve teacher and learner performance.

Hear and Learn’s Flexmike teacher microphone, Redcat portable soundfield / voice amplifier, and 975 permanent installations, offer the smallest and lightest teacher microphone and easiest no-onfloor footprint.