Monthly Archive: July 2023

What does the term ‘streaming’ mean in terms of hearing augmentation?

July 19, 2023

Stakeholders empowered to make vital decisions about hearing augmentation technology – including architects, electrical consultants and infrastructure experts – are presented with various (and often confusing) terminologies regarding this fluid science. One such term is “streaming”.  Most of us think of “streaming” in the context of watching and listening to Netflix and the like, and…

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VSBA Building Quality Standards Handbook refreshed with new May 2023 edition: Hearing Aug and Soundfield requirements adjusted

July 3, 2023

The Victorian School Building Authority has refreshed its Building Quality Standards Handbook.  The new May 2023 Handbook affirms the position of the VSBA to embrace best practice in complying with Federal regulation (including the National Construction Code and Standards). The BQSH May 2023 reaffirms the notion that learners, teachers and visitors do and will use…

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